Sausage-gate #2

After work today, I thought I’d have a quick 30 mins taking a look at Walsall’s night market. Only 30 minutes because I feel guilty enough leaving TT home alone all day as it is. If I’m really honest (sorry Jon!) I wasn’t expecting it to be any great shakes. I’m glad to say I was very wrong and, as a first foray, I really thought it was very good and definitely something I’d like to see more of as a Walsall person. Yes of course, there’s learning to be had, there always is; but you know, even Michael Eavis started small.

I thought the food stalls were fabulous. I was positively stalk-eyed at the hot lamb stall, but I valiantly resisted pigging out, as I had a curry about to go out of date in my fridge at home. I broke ranks at the sausage stall I’m afraid. They offered me tasters and it was my undoing. I scuttled away moments later with a pound of Gloucester Old Spot sausages with the thought of having a right Bunter of a Friday brekkie. I did consider buying some specialty bread, but, being single, I never finish a loaf. And £3ish is a bit much for even a lovely loaf if you chuck some away.

There was a nice atmosphere there I thought. i don’t know how best to articulate it really, but since time’s getting on, I’ll just go with feeling that people were surprised and pleased to have this event on their doorstep. Good call to have a stage and live acts too I thought; really added to the atmosphere.

But anyway, thinking of poor Two-Turds, I left at 6.15. There was a car issue and I finally got home at 8.15, followed by the nice Green Flag man, who wanted to be sure the car (and me) made it. Cassie was the most ecstatic at seeing me that I’ve ever seen her. There was some real rump swivelling going on with the tail wagging. She was very, very excited about going out for a walk immediately and weeing for Willenhall.

Back home, cold tired and hungry, I thought of the curry going out of date today and thought of the sausages. Such was my dilemma I pondered, and tortured myself, for fully 30 minutes, before deciding I’d eat the curry tomorrow (it probably isn’t going to kill me) because I absolutely must have a sausage sarnie for dinner. It was 9.15pm by then.

I don’t fry sausages, because I don’t like sausages striped with fleshy uncooked looking sections. I chuck them in the oven, and hover like an anxious Mother after about 30 minutes, wondering why the hell I didn’t fry them. Grill them, you might say? My grill is crap. You might also say “buy a George Foreman grill”. Well I did and I would have used the bloody thing if I’d thought about it. So shut up.

Anyway, cooking them in the oven makes you wait. You can smell them and they’re nearly ready, but you have to wait. I like that. I’ve nothing against microwaved ready meals, apart from them being ready too quickly. I like time to really want my grub. Also, cooking sausages in the oven makes them a little bit sticky. Nom nom.

So then, here we have the raw ingredients.

Raw oink

Preparation is key. Although despising tomato ketchup myself, my house is equal opps and so I also have this devil’s liquid concoction in for friends with bad taste. Can’t have them blogging about staying with me for the w/e and there being a dearth of tomato flavoured yucky stuff in a bottle.

Sometimes I’ll spread the sauce around evenly. When I’m cold, tired and bloody hungry, I just slop it on.

Finally, the tasty porky stuff is ready.

Usually, I’d painstakingly slice them length-ways to fill the bread neatly. Not tonight though. Oh no.

After that really, the only question is how quickly can you get them down your neck? Well, I have a view on that too.

Cut your fat porker sarnie into four. That way you can grasp it firmly, ensuring you don’t lose any to the dog, and you can hold your book with the other hand!

So how was that for you? It was pretty much like this for me. That’s a reference to the empty plate since I can’t line the text and picture up!

Happily, since I was both the waitress, cook, proprietor and chief bottle-washer, I found the service, and standard of sausage sarnie excellent. And of course I could have had tomato ketchup too. Brrr.

I’m just glad @EHODavid and his cronies aren’t allowed in to my kitchen. Suspect the dog lying with her backside against the fridge would give me 0 stars.



  1. lightbluefish1964 said

    Kate, even when traumatised by car troubles, life is never too short to slice sausages and spread the brown sauce, darling!

    • kate Goodall said

      but it was nearly 10pm and i was Hank! Isn’t that reason enough to stash what little class i had?

  2. What did you wash them down with?

  3. kate Goodall said

    What else but Pinot Grigio Neil. Tsk, I thought you knew me by now!

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